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How would you like to secure auto financing in Northampton, MA with poor credit or zero down? We have taken the frustration out of auto financing in Northampton and all of Massachusetts. What’s even better, our service costs nothing.

Approval Criteria

  • Average Northampton Income: $1,789 Per Month
  • Average MA Credit Rating: 703

Generally, auto loan lenders require you to have a secure job with $1500 income a month. Furthermore, your total monthly debt, inclusive of your auto loan, should not exceed 50% of your income. For car shoppers in Northampton, MA, this is $895 (average).

Even when you can’t satisfy these criteria, you might be able to qualify by going above and beyond in at least one of the following ways:

  • Get Someone to Co-sign
  • Provide More Money Down
  • Go with No Credit Check Auto Loans.

Used Car Loans: Northampton, MA

When it comes to Massachusetts car loans, it is best to commit only a fifth of your monthly wages for things like:

  • Car Payments
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Fuel

If you make $1,789 per month, this equates to $322 to $358 monthly.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Northampton (MA)

Car Loans in MA
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Do you need to finance a car or truck in Northampton, MA with a bad credit score?

If you’ve got poor credit, Auto Loans Massachusetts works with companies who provide Massachusetts bad credit car loans on a regular basis. Visit here to submit your secure application.

The majority of loan providers require applicants who have bad credit to have an income of $1500 monthly, at least, and only $750 each month in debt payments (inclusive of your auto loan).

Car Loans After Bankruptcy or Repossession in Northampton (MA)

Of course, bankruptcies and repossession can be devastating for your credit history. Are you worried that you won’t be able to secure a car loan after bankruptcy, foreclosure, or repossession? Fortunately, there are loan creditors that grant car loans for people with bankruptcy in Northampton, MA. It takes 7 years for a case of bankruptcy to disappear from your credit score. The vast majority of financial institutions will not approve auto financing until the bankruptcy is 24 months old. Bad credit car loans can be a fantastic way to increase your credit ratings following bankruptcy, foreclosure, or repossession.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing: Northampton, MA

Nearly all MA buy here pay here car dealerships allow you to finance a car or truck without any credit check, but this diminishes your chances of improving your credit history.

These car lots have a few different names:

  • Bad Credit Car Dealerships
  • Your Job is Your Credit Car Lots
  • In House Financing Car Lots

Sure, locating an in house financing car lot in Northampton, MA may seem like a great idea.

Lamentably, they aren’t without some major shortcomings, which include substantial interest rates, considerable down payments, much higher risk of deceptive financing tactics, and narrow vehicle selection.

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Make sure that you check out any MA buy here pay here car dealership on the internet. You’ll want to find a friend or relative who has purchased a vehicle from them before, and learn if the establishment is reputable.

Dealer Financing: Northampton, MA

  • Pelis Auto Sales, 391 Damon Rd, 1060
  • Dana Volkswagen, 968 Bridge Road, 1060
  • Affordable Used Cars, 14 Easthampton Road, 1060
  • Northampton Honda, 171 King Street, 1060
  • Mark’s Motors, 222 North King Street, 1060
  • Northampton Ford – Sales, 55 Damon Road, 1060
  • Affordable Used Cars, 14 Easthampton Rd, 1062
  • Dana Automotive, 968 Bridge Rd, 1062