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Looking for a car loan in Fitchburg, MA? Whether you need a new car or a used one, we’ve got you covered. The application process takes less than 2-3 minutes.

Approval Guidelines

In Fitchburg, the average yearly income is $37,004, while the average credit rating is 703. The stronger your fico score, the lower your interest rates.

For the most part, auto loan lenders will be expecting you to be gainfully employed with $1500 income monthly. Aside from that, your total monthly debt, including your new loan, must not be more than one half of your income. For folks in Fitchburg, MA, this comes out to $1,542, on average.

Even in the event you don’t fulfill these requirements, you might be able to meet the criteria with a co-signer, larger down payment, or with buy here pay here car lots in Fitchburg, MA.

No Down Payment Car Loans: Fitchburg (MA)

Supplying a down payment is a good idea. Of course, many finance companies will require it. How muchwill do? Divide how much your vehicle costs by five (20%). This would be a stellar down payment, but you can probably get away with half that much. Additionally, we know several zero down payment car dealers in Fitchburg, MA.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Fitchburg, Massachusetts

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Have less-than-perfect credit?

Fortunately for everyone who is searching for a car loan in Fitchburg, MA with bad credit, we work with a lender who doesn’t just refuse consumers with fico scores below 600.

Most loan creditors require a minimum down payment (usually 10%), as well as no greater than fifty percent of monthly wages being allotted to active debt.

No Credit Check Financing: Fitchburg (MA)

Due to the economy in MA, buy here pay here financing is becoming more popularly accepted.

These dealers go by a few different names:

  • Your Job is Your Credit Dealerships
  • In House Financing Car Lots
  • Bad Credit Car Dealerships
  • Tote The Note Car Lots

Such Massachusetts auto loans are often provided without any credit check.

Lamentably, you’ll want to give some thought to some key shortcomings:

  • Exorbitant Rates
  • Predatory Lending Tactics
  • Significant Down Payment Requirements
  • Cars That Have Lots of Miles
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Remember to explore any MA buy here pay here car lot on the internet. Try and talk to somebody who has bought a car from them before, and find out whether or not they had a good experience.

Used And Bad Credit Dealerships: Fitchburg (MA)

  • Ron Bouchard Dodge LLC, 282 Lunenburg St, 1420
  • Luxury Motors of Fitchburg, 672 Water St, 1420
  • Anything On Wheels, 51 River St, 1420
  • Century Motor Car, 130 John Fitch Highway, 1420
  • Aero Car Rental, 356 River Street, 1420
  • Fleetwood Motors, 8 Lunenburg, 1420
  • 11-11 Motor Sales & Towing, 562 Mechanic, 1420
  • Performance Auto Sales, 1022 Main Street, 1420
  • John Fitch Motors, 100 John Fitch Highway, 1420
  • Rayco Motors, 1118 Water Street, 1420
  • Ron Bouchard Kia, 327 Lunenburg St, 1420
  • Anything On Wheels II, 130 Lunenburg, 1420
  • New England Motors, 71 John Fitch Highway, 1420
  • Fitchburg Auto Sales Inc, 652 Water Street, 1420
  • George’s Auto Sales, 556 River, 1420
  • Brownell Auto Sales & Repair, 404 Summer St, 1719
  • Murphy Motor Sales, 556 River St, 1432